Farm Shares / CSA


$300 Farm Share Discount (60) hour commitment

Approximately 8 hours/month...April thru October

$225 Farm Share Discount (45) hour commitment

Approximately 6 hours/month...April thru October

$150 Farm Share Discount (30) hour commitment

Approximately 4 hours/month...April thru October

$75 Farm Share Discount (15) hour commitment

Approximately 2 hours/month...April thru October

We are located in Sumpter Township Michigan 48111

we also have an alternate pick up location off I-275 (Canton/Northville/Novi area)

What is a Farm Share/CSA?

In short, a Farm Share is Community Supported Agriculture.  It allows you to enjoy locally grown “farm to table”, pesticide free, non GMO food May through October.

More specifically, it is an annual agreement between families and farms, to purchase farm fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, Chicken and various other homegrown items EVERY week, for the entire growing season. By agreeing to purchase for the entire growing season, you are not only buying organic produce at a discounted price, but also given the opportunity to offset the cost even more by helping out on the farm and learning about self sufficiency.  Also, purchase of an annual Farm Share is an investment in the effort to reestablish “farm to table” local farming.

The number of Farm Shares that we sell this year will help us grow in subsequent years which in turn will increase the variety of produce you will receive in your Farm Share.  We added honeybees in 2017 and 1000 Strawberries, 200 Raspberries and a few dozen fruit trees, grape vines in 2018.  We also have plans to add an additional 2100 sq ft high tunnel in 2019. Lastly, we worked out an agreement with a local organic blueberry farm to have access to organic blueberries 2018...we are hopeful that will continue for 2019

Work Share Discounts for Farm Share Fees

Work Share is an optional discount to help you pay for your Farm Share.  The possible chores include, but not limited to moving dirt, preparing beds, pulling weeds, planting new crops, watering, harvesting ie. picking beans/strawberries etc, unloading feed and stacking hay.  It could also be help with preserving the harvest by way of canning, pickling, and dehydrating.

Work days are flexible, it’s what works for your schedule for the most part.  Some big projects are scheduled in advance when the most help is available such as stacking hay and processing chickens.   You may want to work an hour when you come to pick up your share every week, or perhaps once or twice a month for 2 or 3 hours dependent on the number of hours you commit to.  It is really up to you.

Contact me if you would like more information about farm shares

Jeanette (734) 771-1609  or